August 6th, 2003

I chose today, London’s hottest on record (just let that sink in for a moment) to do lots of walking and shopping around the West End.

An early end-of-meeting at Tower Bridge (not literally) gave me an hour or so to kill, and I wanted to check out the itinerary detailed by rift-trooper – a dude suspiciously in-tune with my own tastes (i.e. trainers, sounds, action figures).

First stop, Maharishi. This is very cool stuff, and out of lots that caught my eye I snapped up a pale-blue Tee in the sale. Trying on clothes in the heat though, is not recommended.

Next up, My Trainers, which was as overpriced as I remembered it (I bought Lara a pair of black and red Rifts there a couple of years ago). It was good to see for-real some of the rare kicks I’ve only seen online, but they had nothing to seriously tempt me.

Stüssy, however, was a different matter. I’d read about the new Stüssy Hurache Light’s on the Crooked Tongues message board, and when I saw them in the flesh I couldn’t resist. Swipe.

Moving North out of Covent Garden (which would be called Coga if London were NYC) I first made a couple of uneventful stops at Foot Patrol and the Soho bookshop, and then picked up an Addict Tee I’d been after in Cobra at the top of Berwick street. Grey-green with a Biker-Scout print. Nice.

Soho really stinks in the heat. One of the great things about being by the sea is that there’s usually a breeze to keep the air relatively fresh. London is all traffic fumes and seeping bin-bags.

After that it was South for a rendezvous with Lara on Carnaby street, stopping only to check out the Alife Tee’s in Bond (overpriced, low quality) and the Kubricks in Playlounge.

With a walk across Green Park to warm us up a bit, and then a short wait in a train carriage that was literally the hottest experience I have ever had, an otherwise successful day was rounded off.

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