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November 7th, 2003

It’s been a nice break, but it’s gone on a bit too long and I’m getting out of the habit of writing. So here’s the quick breakdown of what’s been going on:

I’m used to the ring now, although I remove it in the shower after one too many nose-skinning incidents. To date I have forgotten to put it back on exactly once, and thankfully a delayed train meant that Lara was able to re-unite me with it. One unforeseen advantage of the new jewellery is that I now have something to sagely play with whilst attentively listening, and can appear learned as I carefully argue why it’s not my turn to do the washing up.

Married life is otherwise identical to that which went before, which I regard as a very healthy sign. It feels as perfectly natural to be together now as it has done for all the time we’ve been together.

In other news, I’ve updated the media section with info on the X-box. My brother, Sy, gave this to me in a characteristically OTT show of generosity. More on gaming >

I plan to create a proper wedding section with scans of the professional photos, as well as copies of the digital shots we have. I plan a lot, though, so don’t hold your breath.

As well my robotperson rest, I took an Ebay break. Activities have now resumed, and my first batch of post nuptial auctions closed this week. I’ve had my best week, too – and although I don’t want to crow about it, I can’t resist telling you about the Juno Reactor cd which went for £77 (cost: £2.50) :-). Current Ebay listings >

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