November 11th, 2003

Even as I write this, I’m having to stay calm about what I’m calling ‘the Dell situation’.

The details are too tedious to relate fully, but let me start by using the phrase Terrible Dell Service in a link to, in the hope that Google picks it up and Dell are duly shamed.

Short version: New machine ordered Sept 18th. Excitement! 17" TFT screen inbound! Hurrah! Credit card typo (oops!) rectified Sept 21st, confirmation of order received by email, Sept 23rd. Account debited (by an amount strangely less than I was expecting), Sept 29th. Complaint made Oct 17th (I had been away, of course). Unacceptable offer of compensation made Oct 30th …no news since.

It turns out that I was billed for a machine ordered by a Mr. M Archer, who in my minds eye sits tapping away in a darkened room, wondering if he’s ever going to have to pay for the machine he’s using. In the mean time I’m stuck with Dell customer support, which comes live and direct from the sub-continent. I’m tired of explaining the situation to each new operator I speak to (the classic call centre problem), but the agent who knows my case has serially failed to call me back, and I’m wondering how to escalate things.

I’m genuinely surprised by this level of service from a company with an otherwise good reputation, but here I am, 7 weeks after ordering, sans ordinateur. More soon…

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  1. Robotperson » Blog Archive » Dellivery Says:

    [markup=][…] In view of this you might be surprised to hear that I’m actually quite satisfied with the whole deal. As compensation for my troubles I’ve been given free delivery, free 3-year warranty, and an additional 10% off everything – which tots up to around £350. Sweet. […]

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