November 24th, 2003

Following Minority Report, the next Philip K Dick story to make it off the page is Paycheck. John Woo directs, and I’m looking forward already.

According to Wired Magazine, PKD invented the word “Kipple” to describe all the useless litter that accumulates in our lives: “like junk mail and gum wrappers and old newspapers”. I’m sure the amount of spam I’m having to screen at the moment would induce some sort of a psychotic episode in him, although it doesn’t seem to have taken too much to do that to him:

“In 1974, undergoing a psychotic and/or mystical break, Dick encountered a cosmic force he later called Valis, which stands for Vast Active Living Intelligence System – a cybernetic God. But keep on your toes: To sneak into our fallen world, Valis must disguise itself as TV ads or trash”

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