It’s a beautiful day

April 3rd, 2005

Today started well. During an MTV breakfast with Lara on the sofa we
were treated to the new Beck video
for e-pro
, his latest single. The clip is brilliant.
So imaginative I thought it had to be by Michel
, but no – it turns out that it’s by Shynola,
a animation collective of English art-school types. Check out the ‘work’
section of their site for more (it’s made in frames so I can’t link directly).

Next came a knock on the door and the arrival of my latest package from
Nippon. Long desired, it was the Star Wars early-bird Kubrick set,
a toy homage to Kenner’s
notorious 1977 early-bird ’empty-box’
. Sweet.

This reminded me that today the embargo on Episode III merchandise ended,
and that accordingly Toys ‘R Us would be stacked with
new figures. Lara, who was on her way out to the gym at the time, agreed
to walk with me instead (long walk = lots of exercise). Seeing the huge
display in TRU was childishly exciting, although I manged to retain some
self control and only walked out with 8 new figures from
a possible 56
(!!! …patience, they will be mine). Advice
came courtesy of a hapless TRU McJobber in Darth Vader get-up. I don’t
recall the Sith Lord continually moaning "it’s too hot in this
, or the lank hair and earrings under the helmet. May
the grease be with you, my friend.

Next, DFS and a new club chair for the lounge (tick!).
Then lunch, where our destination was Hove Bagelman,
via Sensational Sausages on George St. (smoked pork
sausages for dinner and a cheeky fresh pork pie to sustain me until bagels).
Today’s special at Bagelman was a chicken chedder melt with crushed cheese
totilla chips. Mmmm-mmmm. We ate on the beach.

After the walk home we deserved a relax and so with 5-Live on the radio
and the results going my way (I’m top of the fantasy league at work),
we took it easy.

Fast forward through some clicking, some cooking, some O.C. and some Brighton
Music Club
listening (more later), Match of the Day in
bed completed a perfect Saturday. A day all the more sweet for the
complete absence of the DIY that I was supposed to be doing.

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