Intelligent Design

August 23rd, 2005

There have been a few articles relating to Intelligent Design (ID) in New Scientist recently, and one in particular tickled me.

For those who don’t know, ID is supposedly a non-partisan, ‘scientific’ alternative to the theory of evolution as an explaination for the origins of life. In a nutshell, life is too complicated to have arisen spontaneously so there must have been an ‘Intelligent designer’ (read: God). The proponents are, of course, Christian fundamentalists from the American religious right. The cleverness of thier tack lies in appealing to the even-handedness of scientists by making the seemingly reasonable request that all alternatives are taught in schools (the real battleground is for the minds of the young, it seems). Alongside evolution, ID should be given equal blackboard time.

Aside from the obvious arguments (like ‘where’s the evidence’), logically this would mean that anyone else who came along with a pet crackpot theory about the origins of life would have to be given equal prominence in the classroom. To highlight the stupidity of it this is exactly what someone has done: enter the Flying Spaghetti Monster. I’ll let you read the details, buy the t-shirt etc. on your own time, but the part that really made me laugh was the additional observation that global warming correlates with the diminishing number of pirates on our seas. Arrr!

2 Responses to “Intelligent Design”

  1. Mark in Mexico Says:

    Darwin, Creationism and Intelligent Design

    I don’t understand all this hullabaloo over religion vs science. Why does it have to be “vs”? I think that The Creation, Genesis and all that are quite compatible with science and Darwin, or whomever.

  2. jimmyg Says:

    da book of genesis was written by a hundred different blokes. dats not science dats a mess. theres nottin compatible wiv da bible and science. one is just believing wot you want to get you thru the night and the others studying things to find the true facts.


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