August 24th, 2005

Sci / tech articles for your cogitation:

  • Twelve ways to think differently, and no, this isn’t anything to do with Apple. Favourites of mine include:

    • 6) Synthesis, Distillation and Restatement. Forcing yourself to explain an issue to someone is a great way to highlight the gaps in your understanding and gain insight.
    • 12) Collaboration. I don’t do nearly enough of this. Too much sitting in my tower, tapping away.
    • I’m saving 7) for later 😉
      [note to self: replace emoticon graphics as soon as possible]
  • 11 steps to creating a better brain. After reading this New Scientist piece I adjusted my new morning routine to allow time for breakfast. I found the attention seeking tips particularly useful.
  • A rocket to nowhere. Trenchant criticism of the Space Shuttle programme. Quite saddening really.
  • Douglas Adams speech made off-the-cuff at Digital Biota, Cambridge 1998. R.I.P.
  • And whilst we’re on the subject, Douglas Adams wikiquote page, where I found the above link. I’ve just added Laxobigging, one of my favourite Liff words.

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