Mutsumi Sakata

November 20th, 2005

Hello Mutsumi Sakata. Rob Pearson here.

I’m sure you remember me, but for everyone else’s benefit here’s our background: You came to my primary school in Thorpe Willoughby for a few years in the early 1980’s, and through a mutual love of space Lego (I had the Galaxy Explorer; you had the Rocket Base), we became good friends. I remember your incredible Game & Watch collection; your phenominally neat handwriting; and good long-division skills (I used to copy off you – sorry). You went back to Japan sometime around 1982, leaving me your Doraemon pachinko (which I still have).

I’d love to get in touch again, but I’ve searched for you on Google to no avail. My plan now is to post this message in the hope that you, like most web users, indulge in the occasional vanity-surf: Since Google turns up exactly 2 dead end matches for your name, this post should quickly become the only meaningful result for ‘Mutsumi Sakata’, and you will therefore, hopefully, find it the next time you are bored on a Sunday afternoon.

To improve my chances, I’ll throw in some background details that might also come up as search terms, like your sister’s name, Chika Sakata. And I seem to remember that your father, Mutsuo Sakata, worked for Kubota tractors.

If my plan pays off (come on Internet, don’t let me down!), please drop me a line.

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