Commercial break

December 8th, 2005

I’ll be right back after these words from our sponsors:

3 Responses to “Commercial break”

  1. Peter Costello Says:

    [markup=bbcode]You might also like this ad for motorola. Nice segues from clip to clip.
    I think it’s by Nexus Productions in Shoreditch who have done some awesome work.

  2. Robotperson Says:

    [markup=bbcode]Good choice. It’s that same sort of progression as the Honda ad, where you’re not really sure what’s going on to begin with. And anything which references Tron gets the robotperson thumbs-up.

  3. Stef Says:

    [markup=bbcode]Returning to the Honda ad for two minutes and 36 seconds, the epic song that drives things along is, in fact, “The Impossible Dream (The Quest)” by Andy Williams, available for free in 99pc of our parents’ record collections.

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