Cloning experiment

January 22nd, 2006

I am pleased to announce that phase I of my latest project, an experiment in homebrew genetics, is now complete. Having successfully introduced a quanta of my DNA into a compatible host medium, my plan to create a robotperson semi-clone has now entered phase II.

The semi-clone is currently leeching resources from it’s host, and will continue to gestate until sometime in mid July. Fellow experimentors who have completed the same project have warned me that the arrival and maintainence of the clone will be a source of considerable disruption. To mitigate this I am preparing a specially tailored incarceration environment.

Although initially completely dependent, the organism is self-learning and will become increasingly autonomous. Alarmingly, the clone will eventually also become self-replicating, although GM campaigners need not worry about uncontrolled propagation as I plan to indoctrinate the clone with ideas and behaviour patterns that should prove acceptable to society.

More updates as the experiment continues.

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