Pet Hates II

February 17th, 2006

It’s been a while coming (here’s Pet Hates I) – I must be less misanthropic than I thought:

  • Women who don’t remove the stickers from the soles of their shoes. Ladies, those white rectangles are the #1 way to ruin an otherwise immaculate, brand-new outfit. Worse, the half-removed torn-sticker look that says “I tried, but I couldn’t really be bothered; I’m satisfied with this look.”
  • People who don’t append their phone number as a sig at the bottom of their emails (I’m talking business people here, not friends). If you want me to become distracted and not get back to you, then by all means, leave it off. But if you want a quick response, make it easy for me. It’s basic usability.
  • People who leave the fridge door open. This is totally unacceptable. I don’t care if you can’t decide what you want.
  • Chaotically twisted phone cables. This is probably my most neurotic pet hate: Normally phone cables have a pleasingly regular spiral, but somehow (and this could really do with further study) they mysteriously acquire extra turns during what is otherwise completely normal use. Random tumours of coil sprout where the spiral becomes overly tight, and regular untwisting is required to prevent horrendous helical teratomas. Careful surgery on my previously neglected desk phone brought it back from the edge, although it still ‘walks with a limp’ where the coils somehow became reversed for a short section, and the coil was permanently deformed.

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