Improve Amazon picks

August 2nd, 2006

Ever since I bought a Russell Watson CD as a gift for my mother-in-law, Amazon has been suggesting that I might be interested in more Welsh male vocal music. I am not, and it’s nigglingly annoying to think that somewhere – anywhere – I’m thought of as a fan of The Voice, or Stock Aitken Waterman, or ‘fireplace’ dvd’s. Wired offer a simple solution in an article on how to optimize your web site – scroll down to Improve Your Picks:

Remove bum purchases like the Princess Diaries DVD you bought for your niece last Christmas. Under your personal store tab, select Improve Your Recommendations. Uncheck the Use to Make Recommendations box for items that don’t reflect your tastes.

Whilst I’m loath to give Amazon an even clearer idea of what I like from a privacy point of view, you can’t fault their ability to consistently come up with genuinely good suggestions. I’ve made more than a few great buys based on their picks and listmania suggestions. Wired’s tip has done the job and I’m back to something which fully represents robot taste.

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