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August 29th, 2006

Slave Leia Kubrick

  • Doyobi has just opened up on Sydney Street, selling Kubricks, kicks and Japanese cultural ephemera. My kind of stuff. Last week I picked up a Slave Leia (pictured) to complete my Star Wars series 5 Kubricks. On the subject of which, pics of SW series 7 have leaked (scroll down) and they’re looking hot. I’m liking that Boushh
  • Nike, Nike’s build-your-own colourway online store, has a load of Air Max’s available to customise, including the seminal ’95 and robotperson fave, the ’93 – look under ID exclusives > Air Max classics. I’ll forgive the flash site because the shoe builder interface is so good.
  • I forgot to mention when my AJ II’s arrived from (recommended), a few weeks ago. Fresh!
  • There’s an actual Buzz Rickson’s MA-1 jacket available, as featured in William Gibson’s excellent Pattern Recognition. Although, ironically, it’s not an authentic piece like everything else in the range – they made it as a tribute to the book
  • Don’t you hate it when you find something you love, but it’s sold out everywhere. Eelus SHAT-AT print. Currently around £150 on eBay
  • Tom Kirk Spike Lamp, which I fantasise about hanging on the wall behind my monitor. I nearly bought one at 100% Design about 8 years ago, probably for about a third the price.

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