September 8th, 2006

How come Uhura had a red uniform?

She obviously wasn’t one of the science types on the Enterprise, like Spock or Bones, so blue wouldn’t have been right. But all the other bridge crew – Sulu, Chekov, even Kirk – had yellow tops. So why red for Uhura?

Scotty had a red top, so red meant engineering to me. And the security types, too – Ensign Fodder, first to vanish in a green-glow on that risky away mission. So does red signify ‘utility’ staff? It would seems harsh to deprecate her to that level.

No, I think she should’ve had a yellow top.

Trouble is, that mustard colour just wouldn’t have gone with her dark skin. Perhaps this was obvious at the academy and Uhura was given special dispensation to wear something that coordinated better. “Pick something you look good in”. Sounds like my kind of Starfleet.

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