September 25th, 2006

  • Joel rips apart (metaphorically) his freebie Sprint phone
  •, Warp records’ online music store, has started selling FLAC encoded music files. Laudable, but they’re charging £1.49 per track instead of 99p for their standard, a 320kbps encoded mp3. How on earth do they think they can get away with that? Who’s going to buy an album at Bleep that’s more expensive than actually buying the cd? Has it occurred to them that I could buy the cd, rip it (to FLAC), then eBay it for only a small net outlay? I’ve emailed them about their rationale; will update if I hear back
  • Immaculate urban style paper action figures from Shin Tanaka. In fact I think I linked to the paper AF1’s a while ago. I found a printable printable PDF of one of the figures to cut-out and stick together yourself, but the site is such a pig to navigate that I’ve totally lost it again. Bah creatives. Hat tip to Josh for the link, which set me off on a paper starships and cut-out droids diversion that had me wishing I was on school summer holiday again.
  • Shuttlemax ’95 nices mashes-up toys, trainers and space. Most of my favorite things in a single item. $170… ouch.
  • Confessions of an online guerilla marketer

    Disguising himself as just another consumer turning to the internet for entertainment, advice and counsel, he prowls community forums looking for an opportunity to share his “opinion” of his clients’ products and services.

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