Valid YouTube

February 22nd, 2007

I noticed after making my last post that the site was no longer valid XHTML. It turns out that the Youtube standard embedding code, which they provide next to every video (to encourage distribution, presumably) is not valid.

This would have been obvious to me if I’d thought about it, because it’s the same as the old Dreamweaver code for embedding Flash. So I Googled the old Flash Satay fix for this, and found something better – another article at ALA that described exactly what I wanted: a validating method of embedding Youtube and Google videos (and more).

It didn’t work right off the bat, but a further example to follow at the WordPress boards (scroll down, 6th post) helped me sort it out. Almost. The line breaks in my post were being interpreted as <p>’s by the formatting engine, so I had to concatenate everything onto one line. Not neat, but it works, and I’m back on valid street.

To celebrate I’ve added validation buttons to the sidebar, sourced from the alarmingly comprehensive range available at Zwahlen Design. Test away.

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