August 16th, 2007

Regulars may have noted that Robotperson has been experiencing a technical fault for the past few days. Digitalspace, my hosting company, switched me to a new server (I think) to update the mail handling facilities. Apparently my .htaccess file didn’t agree with the new v2 Apache server software, and broke the site. I’m pretty annoyed about this, not least because I had no idea it was happening.

But I’m most annoyed because something screwed up with the new mail handling and, in the words of the support email: “the aliases which were automatically added [to my email account] were not properly activated by the mailserver”.

This sounds to me like Geordie LaForge making something up that sounds sufficiently sci-fi to convince the Captain.

SO… if you’ve sent me email between about 11pm on Sunday night (BST) and now, I have not received it. I should probably be happy about a rest, but I am profoundly not.

Digitalspace’s support have been helpful in the past, but getting something wrong like this in inexcusable in web terms, and to take a day and a half to sort it out is not good enough. Two thumbs down, Digitalspace: not recommended.

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