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November 16th, 2007

Avast! The return of weekly links.

  • Russell Brand on heroin at Guardian Unlimited

    …almost as soon as the smoke had hit the back of my throat, that feeling – the kicky leg, the sweating – it just went. It was like turning off a light. Then I could lean back and everything was suddenly all relaxing and beautiful. It was at this point that I knew that I was an addict.

  • Sucklord 600 action figure. Looks strangely familiar.
  • Barbonite? She’s no use to me dead. Or alive, for that matter.
  • Outside context problem
  • Norman Mailer obituary at the NY times.

    [of The Naked and the dead] Part of me thought it was possibly the greatest book written since ‘War and Peace.’ On the other hand I also thought, ‘I don’t know anything about writing. I’m virtually an impostor.

  • And finally, props to robotpal Mike for starting to blog at notokcomputer. Here’s looking forward to music tips from Sydney.

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