Heathrow crash conspiracy theory

January 18th, 2008

Can I be the first to go on record and state that I believe the Heathrow airliner crash yesterday was caused by a mistimed electromagnetic pulse weapon, intended to bring down the Prime Minister’s plane on take-off. It certainly would have killed all the electronics instantly in exactly the way the pilots describe, and they’re not impossibly difficult to make. And the PM’s jet was less than 1000m away…it all adds up.

Hang on, maybe not: an EMP would have trashed all electronics within a certain radius, not just the plane. Hmmm, Okay, how about this: maybe someone’s built an EMP beam weapon that can be directed. Unlikely I suppose, and it wouldn’t explain the fact that the accidental trigger happened to hit a plane, which really would have been a freakish coincidence. Still, I reckon there’s a screenplay in it. I wonder what sort of noise the pulse would make.

Have I been reading too much sci-fi recently?

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