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February 8th, 2008

  • Domo arigato, Mr Roboto. The Economist on robots in Japan.

    Kokoro, a Japanese manufacturer, showed off a robot for training dentists, which it developed with Nippon Dental University. As student dentists drill into its teeth, replete with sensors, the robot yelps “ouch!” when the work is not up to par. But the robot would really squeal if the dentist accidentally leaned in so much that he or she accidentally pressed upon the robot’s breasts.

  • Smouldering moisture farm playset. Don’t remember that one.
  • A suprisingly technologically literate Stephen Fry talks about the seductive Asus EEE on the Guardian’s technology pages. I saw one of these for the first time yesterday, and they are sweet, sweet machines. I also saw a Zune in the wild for the first time this week. Are they still even being made?
  • First the fanfic, then the meme spreads. Repeat viewing necessary before you get it.
  • Wonderbra umbrella. Ad execs can be insufferably clever.
  • Baroque Star Wars illustrations

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