Adios Detica

July 24th, 2008

Last Friday I left Detica, the consultancy where, for the past year, I’ve suckled at the corporate teat. Lara has always said that it’s possible to tell whether you’re going to like a job within the first week of being there. If I had trusted that instinct I would have been out a lot sooner.

My decision wasn’t down to any one single factor, but special mention must go to the working environment. It was dull there. Sober and uninspiring. In a private joke that probably says much about my character, my laptop password was Greyscale.

I ask, what kind of agency makes the creatives wear the same shirt and trouser uniform as the management consultants? In my bleakest moments it felt like I was in invasion from the TM Lewin dimension (corporate discount available!).

Truly, honestly, it was the least enjoyable job I’ve ever had. Not actively unpleasant, just bland bland bland. All the more bizarre really, given the individual approachability, intelligence, and all-round affability of just about everyone there. But somehow the pervading vibe about the place was oppressive.

Still, no sour grapes ;-). Thankfully I’m at a point in my career where I know what I want: Interesting projects, responsibility, vibrancy, a bit of stimulation. Surely not too much to ask?

Freelancing now beckons (more on this soon – as well as increased output), so wish me luck. All that remains is for me to thank everyone I’ve worked with there, and I look forward to seeing you all, hopefully, in the near future.

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