September 24th, 2008

  • The Guardian gives much-hyped new Star Wars game The Force Unleashed a lukewarm review. November’s Edge, which has arrived in the post today, is less circumspect and dispenses a 5:

    Lucasarts and ILM are handling the cinematic side, George Lucas himself has added his touch to the script, and when you press start for the first time the John Williams score booms out of your loudspeakers. Surely, you think, this time they’ve got it right. Wrong. But The Force Unleashed is by no means a bad game – it’s simply one that constantly makes you think of what a brilliant experience it could have been.

    I was really, really hoping that this would justify a next-gen (or rather this-gen) platform purchase. Sigh.

  • This month’s US Esquire magazine has run with an historic first commercial e-ink cover, or partially e-ink cover, anyway. Boing-boing diplomatically describe it as a pathetic disappointment. It’s not quite the future yet after all.
  • Nice piece by Suzanne Vega on the making of Tom’s Diner, its sample-friendly proliferation, and its role in the birth of mp3. I never knew that it’s about the same diner that featured in Seinfeld.
  • I’m a bit behind in Essential Mixes, but I can’t stop listening to Deadmau5’s EM from 2 months ago, especially the last hour. It’s exactly what I’m into at the moment. He’s playing Brighton next month and my tickets are in the post already.
  • I missed 808 day last month. Watch the video.

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