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November 19th, 2009

  • Muvi Micro DV clip-on camcorder. 2GB micro-sd card = 2 hours of VGA. So a 16GB card can record pretty much your every waking moment. Hmmm, lifecording anyone? Oh, battery life is 2-3hrs. Maybe not just yet then.
  • Robert X Cringely’s latest column has some interesting thoughts on the shift to mobile computing, and the interface changes that this will bring (“They’ll shine a laser into your eye today, painting a fabulous scene on the back of your eyeball”). Kurzweil, a minor deity in the Robotperson pantheon, pops-up, and RXC ends with a pretty explosive prediction that I’m a bit too mind-boggled to decide if I agree or disagree with:

    And the way we’ll shortly communicate with our devices, I predict, will be through our thoughts. By 2029 (and probably a lot sooner) we’ll think our input and see pictures in our heads.

  • Who on earth designs the Space Shuttle mission badges? Napoleon Dynamite? They deserve to have their eyes poked out with a fork.
  • That links nicely to the new Jared Hess movie, Gentlemen Broncos (trailer below), which looks like a winner.

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