December 22nd, 2013

So I want to move some tunes to the iPad so I can have a play with Tracktor, which I’ve just bought. But I’m out of space and I need to delete a couple of gigs worth of Star Wars comics. You can’t do this from the iPad so I have to turn on my PC. Whilst I’m waiting for that to boot I consider the thought that any OS that doesn’t expose you to the file system is basically a toy.

Windows eventually opens and I scrabble round the back for the iPad connector. There are two: a large one, upon which I have written “CHARGE”, and a small one which says “CONNECT”, which I plug in. I briefly consider what sociopathy was behind Apple changing the wiring of the connector but not the shape, so connectors weren’t compatible from one generation to the next.

Next I open iTunes. This I use as infrequently as possible and consequently almost always have to update it when I connect. I updated the iPad to iOS 7 post the last synch so there’s no way on the planet I’m going to get away without an update. Sure enough I need iTunes 11.1 or something like that: it won’t play at all with the iPad until. For some reason the d/l won’t launch from Chrome so I open FF and it starts to work. This is definitely going to take a while and I think about tweeting the pain.  I realise it’s bigger than a tweet, much bigger. Maybe I should blog it? It’s been a while.

I hunt for a few mins for my Worpress password before logging in. Then I see that WP is out of date: I’m careful about this after being hacked a couple of years ago so I run the updater, pausing only to hunt for my FTP password. This takes a few mins, then I update all the plugins and themes that were out of date. New WP looks nice.

Meanwhile iTunes is still installing. At least 15mins by now. I get distracted wrapping a few presents and then realise that the girls have woken up next door and are chatting. I pop in for a hug and take the iPad as a distraction, explaining that I’m wrapping and that they shouldn’t come in. They’re doing fashion stickers anyway, but I leave it with them.

iTunes finally installs.  No I don’t want it to scan for media, I just want to delete a few …oh. The girls have the iPad.

This is the kind of viscosity that fills my life every day. I’ve disappeared down a rabbit hole of things I didn’t know I needed to do, and have failed to do the thing I set out to do.

I turn around and look at all the presents I have to wrap, then decide to write this instead.

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