IA case studies

This page lists some of the IA projects I’ve worked on. For more background on a case study click the link at the foot of the summary.

Healthcare Commission

February- June ’07

Ensuring the public could comprehend the Healthcare Commission’s highly technical NHS performance data was the goal. Getting my head around the Byzantine structure of the NHS, and the Healthcare Commission’s greivously complex assessment process was the challenge.

open Healthcare Commission case study

Reed Smith

January – March ’06

How could I encourage visitors to engage with a dry, legal site that was full of dead ends? By using metadata to link information horizontally, and then enticing visitors to explore this related content.

open Reed Smith case study

Central Office of Information

September – November ’06

Air-lifted into a floundering project, I needed to get to grips with the COI fast if the relationship was to be salvaged. First task: find out exactly what a stakeholder mapping tool is.

open Central Office of Information case study

Royal College of Nursing

October ’06 – January ’07

It didn’t take an expert review for me to see that the RCN’s site was suffocating in its own content. But it needed something more solid than my intuition to go on, so I started gathering evidence.

open Royal College of Nursing case study

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