This page summarises my cv. For more information on a particular topic, click the link at the foot of a subsection. Download a print-formatted copy in the sidebar.

Work History

Since July 2008 I’ve worked as freelance UX consultant. As of October 2012 I’m working on two separate software projects and two web projects – all for different clients. I’m super busy and everyone wants more.

I’ve been an IA / UX guy since 2003. Before that I was a front end dev for four years, and before that I stage-managed a live music venue (amongst other jobs).

My work history


I’m not an UX guy that focuses on research rather than interaction design or IA: I do all of these things and I can demonstrate this in many, many projects. Here’s my skills checklist:

  • Expert review, heuristic evaluation, competitor and gap analysis
  • User research: surveys, diary studies, focus groups, interviews
  • Stakeholder research: workshops, interviews
  • User profiling, personas
  • Content analysis, site mapping, card sorting, taxonomy definition
  • Metadata specification
  • Wireframing (sketching, Visio, Axure), HTML prototyping
  • Usability testing, emotional response testing
  • Presenting. I love presenting

In addition to client work, I’ve worked into the night on pitches, bids and proposals for all kinds of clients.

Further back, my experience as a front-end dev has left me with a solid understanding of web development from the coder’s perspective, as well as half-decent front-end skills:

  • HTML + CSS
  • DOM scripting / JavaScript
  • Dreamweaver, Fireworks, Photoshop

More on my skills

Case studies

My case studies are a bit (5 years) out of date. Until I write something more contemporary here they are:

I’ve architected projects for the Healthcare Commission, the Central Office of Information, the Royal College of Nursing, and have run several large user profiling exercises for TfL.

Selected UX case studies


I graduated from University College London in June 1994 with an Astronomy degree. This a highly analytical, physics and maths based discipline. Your love-life next month was not a course-unit option.

My education history

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